With a legacy of excellence in multi super specialty healthcare, MaxCure Hospitals now extends its services to Hi-tech City & Secretariat. Presenting MaxCure Hospitals, A first-of-its-kind Hospital that brings uniform expertise in all areas of medicine under one roof with a multi-disciplinary approach, unmatched care and support. Maxcure Hospitals Group has in total 6 units in the states of Telangana & Andhra Pradesh with 1300 beds. The units are spread across twin cities aside, MaxCure Suyosha Woman and Child Hospital (Hi-tech City), Nizamabad (100 Beds Multi Specialty), Karimnagar (100 Beds Multi Specialty), One unit in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh and upcoming units in Vizag (2 units) and Kurnool (1 unit) in next one month.

Health is today a growing concern for India. Long working hours, offshore timings, high-pressure deadlines, unpredictable work flows, endless jet lags etc., are leading to stress and anxiety among the working class. Lifestyle diseases are on a prowl in India. It could be due to people’s negligence or the overall work ethic of the corporate world, sedentary lifestyle scenarios at home or unhealthy eating habits.

To counter the lifestyle disease menace, it is essential that everyone undergoes regular and periodic health checkups. Because of lack of proper preventive care, there has been a steep rise in premature deaths. While Diabetes has become a common phenomenon, heart ailments are reaching newer heights. But on the flip side, all these diseases are preventable and can be controlled with lifestyle adjustments, diet restrictions, timely medication and periodic health checks.

MaxCure Hospitals has the distinction of bringing together renowned names in all the areas of medicine under a single umbrella, so that patients don’t have to travel from one hospital to another chasing specialist doctors in various medical disciplines. Conveniently located in the heart of the IT corridor and Hyderabad as well, MaxCure Hospitals is a 440-bed hospital group.