Bariatric Surgery (Also called as “Weight-loss Surgery”) includes a variety of procedures performed on people who have obesity. Weight loss is achieved by reducing the size of the stomach with a gastric band or through removal of a portion of the stomach (sleeve gastrectomy or biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch) or by resecting and re-routing the small intestine to a small stomach pouch (gastric bypass surgery).

Fact: Not a single gram of fat is removed or liposuction is done in Bariatric Surgery. It is based on the principle of restriction of food & less absorption of food

Fact: It is a very old surgery. The first Bariatric Surgery was done in the year 1966. In India it is being done for more than a decade with figures as high as 15000 cases per year.

Fact: This surgery not only reduces your over weight but also helps in the resolution of your comorbidities like Type II Diabetes Mellitus, High Cholesterol, Snoring, Sleep Apnea, Joint Pain, PCOD & Fatty Liver Disease. So, this is not a cosmetic but a life saving surgery.

Fact: There are different types of Bariatric Surgery procedure for example Mini Gastric Bypass, Roux-N-Y Gastric Bypass, Gastric Band, Gastric Sleeve Resection, Duodenal Switch, SADI, Plication and ileal interposition.

Fact: Excess weight loss varies from procedure to procedure. Excess weight loss may range from 20% to more than 90%.

Fact: Sometime obesity is genetically related or over production of hunger hormones or slow metabolic rate of the body. An obesity prone person even eat less can gain weight for such people Bariatric Surgery is boon.

Fact: Only 10-15% of the people can lose their weight with diet & exercise. If you stop the dietary and exercise regime all the lost weight can come back.

Fact: Some Bariatric Surgeries are reversible like mini gastric bypass & gastric band.

Fact: Bariatric Surgery allows eating food according to your ideal body weight.

Fact: An experienced laparoscopic surgeon is able to perform Bariatric Surgery comfortably and successfully using laparoscopic technique.

Fact: Procedure like gastric bypass reduces high pressure in stomach so negligible chance of vomiting.

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