Hyderabad, 8th June, 2016: Young, ambitious, full-of- life, every bit a modern 25-year- old, Vinod had a lot of expectations from his life. To excel in his professional endeavors, honor family commitments, have enough fun and excitement, and also find a suitable girl to settle down. He had it all planned. But as always, destiny had other plans. On the ill-fated evening of 12 th April, while returning home from office, Vinod was hit by a water tanker. The tanker, coming from hi-tech city petrol bunk, ran over his abdomen & pelvis. The driver fled the scene immediately after the accident while the truck tyre was still parked on Vinod’s abdomen. Thanks to another driver who was present at the scene, the truck was slowly disembarked from Vinod’s body and he was rushed to MaxCure Hospitals for treatment. Vinod sustained extensive degloving injury all over his abdomen, pelvis, groin including penis and scrotum, injuring the entire abdominal musculature. The wound was also filled with road side debris, sand &grass particles. For an unmarried guy, losing the entire skin on scrotum & penis was devastating.

Vinod was received by MaxCure’s emergency team & was stabilized immediately. Upon thorough investigation, an Iliac Artery Thrombus was discovered through CT scan. He was immediately administered a Plastic Surgery combined with Vascular Surgery for Iliac Artery Embolectomy along with extensive wound debridement on the same night, around 03:00 AM, which helped save his left leg from amputation. This was possible only due excellent anesthesia support even in the wee hours of the night. Vinod was also diagnosed with multiple Lumbar Spine Fractures along with Pulic Symphysis Fracture (undisplaced). He was advised conservation graded exercises for pelvis.

Post OP, he was as then shifted to ICU care and was managed with appropriate anti-coagulant antibiotics with proper wound care. After 3 days, he was administered 2 nd stage surgery for excising the necrotic tissue along with debridement. He was put on vacuum assisted closure device to take care of this extensive wound management. After 10 days, once the wound bed was free of infection, he was administered 3 rd stage surgery for appropriate coverage with Scrota Flap Cover & Total Abdomen with Penis Cover and Split Skin Graft. He was regularly managed with daily sterile dressings by MaxCure’s efficient nursing staff. He was given physiotherapy sessions every day for pelvic wall and abdominal muscle strengthening, and also for mobilization without support. He was managed efficiently with general medicine support for electrolyte imbalance.

Dr. Anil Krishna M.D. MaxCure Hospitals, during the press meet says “ All this wouldn’t have been possible without MaxCure’s multi-disciplinary approach and all-round expertise in all departments of medicine” .

When Dr. Kiran Banda’s magical hands performed the surgery, Dr. Sri Lakshmi from Emergency , Dr. Ghanshyam from Critical care , Dr. Akhilesh from Anesthesia , Dr. Kiran Babu General medicine , Dr. A.V. Ravi Kumar, and all the Nursing team majorly played a crucial role in the path of Vinod’s recovery.

Teams involved in saving Vinod’s life include Emergency Dept., Plastic Surgery, Anesthesia, Vascular Surgery, Critical Care (ICU), General Medicine, Urology, Physiotherapy and Nursing.

Today, after 44 days of Post OP care, Vinod is walking without any support all by himself. He is able to eat and use rest room comfortably. He can get married and become a father too. What has happened is a nightmare, Vinod can now lead a normal life like any other, chase his dreams and live life to its fullest. That is the power of commitment, compassion and passion to save a life.