Hyderabad, Wednesday, 20th April, 2016: Bharat Chetti, all of 24 years, was like any other regular guy of his age, unmarried, ambitious and full of life, apple of his parents’ eyes and just on the brink of a bright career. He was rushing through the early morning roads, driving his car, to reach his office shift at 5:30 AM near the Hi-tech City. What seemed like a normal morning, turned into a nightmare when his car rammed into a Tipper Lorry.

Bharat succumbed to a severe head injury along with multiple facial bone fractures. With the wind shield of his car crashing right in front of his face, he was at risk of losing his lips, nose and teeth. He was bought to MaxCure Hospitals in an unconscious state. Realizing the fatality of the injury, the Emergency Team immediately stabilized his condition and shifted him to ICU, where the ICU team headed by Dr. Ghanshyam incubated him and put him on ventilator support.

A thorough evaluation was done using 3D CT Scan test results and other parameters such as facial reconstruction were considered with the patient under anesthesia. Pre- assessment was done by Dr. Akhilesh and team, who performed the 1st surgery apart from cleaning the wound by removing the dead tissues and other foreign material on the same day. This was followed by another small procedure by the ENT team.

The next day, after the patient’s condition stabilized and his blood circulation started improving, he was operated for upper lip and nose by MaxCure’s plastic surgeon Dr. Kiran Banda. The maxilla and mandible bone loss was reconstructed with Bone Augmentation from chin and Platelet-rich Growth Factor, an innovative regenerative therapy, was used to promote hard and soft tissue healing, along with titanium mesh and collagen membrane with dental implants by Dr. Hozrmud Vakil, the dental surgeon.

The surgery lasted for 6 long hours without a break. It’s just 15 days since the operation and Bharat is back to his normal self and routine with a big smile on his face. His father was particularly happy that his son has got back his handsome face and he can restart the process of finding a suitable bride for his loving son.

Yet again, MaxCure Hospitals has lived up to its reputation as one of the best for handling complex surgeries and emergency situations with amazing success. The hospital’s multi-disciplinary approach and surgical expertise, along with proper understanding of the situation, ensured that yet another life is saved and a family is happy again.

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