Hyderabad, Friday, 4th March, 2016: With Woman’s Day round the corner, MaxCure Hospitals has organized an event to reinforce the importance of Asthma in women. Renowned Pulmonologist, Dr. Sailaja, MD, an expert in treating Asthma, addressed the gathering and stressed on the impact of female hormones on Asthma symptoms. She quoted many cases, where Asthma has impacted people’s day-to-day lives.

One such case is of Ms. Shruti, a 25-year-old female who recently suffered severe breathlessness while undertaking basic daily household chores like cleaning toilets, and due to agarbatti and perfume fragrances. With a past history of nasal and skin allergies, she was diagnosed with wheezing in both lungs Clinical examination.

There were symptoms of moderate obstructions of lungs in Spirometry, and she was eventually diagnosed with Asthma. She was treated with IV steroids and nebulizations. Her condition improved dramatically and was discharged the following day. This may look like a simple case, but there are cases where women require ventilatory support.

MaxCure Hospitals, by virtue of Dr. Sailaja’s unparalleled expertise and experience, is fully equipped to handle all levels of Asthma.

Most women living with Asthma are conscious of the seasons and specific allergies that might trigger their symptoms. They should also be aware of their menstrual cycles. Because shifting hormone levels can impact the state of their airways. So can pregnancy and menopause.

Female hormones such as estrogen have almost as much impact on the airways as allergies and hay fever. But estrogen itself is not the culprit in triggering the symptoms of Asthma. Rather, it’s the fluctuation of estrogen that causes inflammation in the airways. In Dr. Sailaja’s words, “fluctuating estrogen levels can activate proteins that produce an inflammatory response, which can bring on Asthma

Education of patients and recognition of dose of control is the key to a good quality of life in Asthama Patients…

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