Dr. M S S MukharjeeDr. M S S Mukharjee

MD, DM (Cardiology), DNB (Cardiology), FESC
Sr. Consultant Interventional Cardiologist
AHA Certified Expert in Hypertension

About Dr. M S S Mukharjee

DR. Mukharjee has begun his medical education in Guntur Medical College, Guntur, where he has done his best cardiologist MBBS and later his MD in General Medicine. In both the courses, he was considered one of the best outgoing students. He was ranked second in the combined state of Andhra Pradesh in the entrance exam for the DM cardiology course. He pursued his cardiology education at the Gandhi Medical College, Hyderabad and received DM cardiology from NTR University of health sciences, while qualifying at the top of the class. With a passion to achieve further education credentials, he has appeared for the DNB examination after seven years of completing DM and cleared the exam in first attempt, a feat then considered quite remarkable. He is one of the very few cardiologists in India with both a D.M. degree and a DNB degree in cardiology.
After finishing his DM cardiology, Dr. Mukharjee worked initially as a honorary faculty at Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, later at Yashoda Hospitals and Prime Hospital and is working currently at Maxcure Hospitals (known previously as Sunshine hospital, Madhapur) as a senior interventional cardiologist and the director of the department of Cardiology. He was a founder-partner of a vibrant interventional cardiologists’ team called Angioplasty Associates.
Dr. Mukharjee specializes in coronary angiography and angioplasty. He does most of his coronary procedures from the wrist access (radial artery access). He is regarded as one of the best interventional cardiologists in Hyderabad in his generation. He does complex interventional procedures with ease and a high rate of success. The very high number of procedures that he does stands testimony to his skill and experience. Till date, he has done more than 15,000 coronary angiograms, and more than 3600 angioplasty procedures. He offers the best second opinion regarding the angiograms done elsewhere, directing the patients to chose treatment wisely.
He is one among a select group of cardiologists who is recognized by the American Society of Hypertension as a ASH Hypertension Specialist. The society recognition requires clearing an exam, and Dr. M.S.S. Mukharjee is one among only five cardiologists in the entire country to have cleared the exam held in August 2014.
With a strong research and academic inclination, Dr. Mukharjee is participating in various clinical trials as an investigator. He has devised an easy way of teaching the medical students to learn ECG, and regularly conducts sessions for the students regarding the art and science of ECG-reading.
Strongly philanthropic at heart, Dr. Mukharjee helps various social service organizations and he conducts several free camps for the poor patients.
He is known to be quite popular with his patients, who identify him as their own kind.

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