Femoral A-V Fistula Post Gunshot (Bullet) Injury Treated Percutaneously

Case Study:

Femoral A-V Fistula-1

A 44 years old gentleman, a citizen of Somalia came with history of right thigh pain since more than 10years, increased in severity from last few months. He had history of gunshot (bullet) injury to right thigh 24years ago. He was evaluated elsewhere, diagnosed as having AV fistula in distal thigh, was advised surgical option there, Now referred to us for further opinion and management. After reviewing history, clinical examination and past investigations, cag + peripheral angiogram done revealed right femoral artery AV fistula. Discussed options of surgical ligation versus percutaneous intervention, preferred latter.

Successful PTA with 10mm x 60mm wall graft stent to SFA done via left femoral approach, with good end result. Post procedure arterial Doppler study of right leg showed no residual AV fistula and he is doing well on subsequent follow ups.


Dr. Sharath Reddy A


Consultant Interventional Cardiologist & Vascular Specialist

Director – Cath Lab

Femoral A-V Fistula-2

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