Medical Second Opinion

How A Second Opinion On Health, Can Save Your Life?

When people consult a doctor with medical issues, all they need are answers to their health queries. A patient can never be comfortable with a doctor who asks him/her to simply follow what instructions instead of explaining about the condition. When patients are not satisfied with their doctor or want to get an exposure to alternate available treatment choices, they opt for a second opinion.

What is a second opinion?

When an individual suffers from a medical condition that may be potentially life-threatening or far less serious, it is tough to make a decision with the opinion of a single doctor. It might be difficult for most patients to know what to do. At that point of time, it is good to seek another doctor’s advice. This is called 'getting a second opinion'.

Why is a second opinion needed?

It is always better to be safe than sorry. A health decision is one of the most important decisions that one has to make in their life. The more information a patient gets, the better chances of he/she making the right choices. Whether the medical condition is serious or not, getting second or multiple opinions can actually eliminate the risk of misdiagnosis. As mentioned earlier, along with the exposure to a broad range of treatment options, a second opinion might give knowledge about a course of treatment that was not mentioned by the first doctor. This can particularly be beneficial for patients with serious illness that require a specialized treatment.

How helpful could the second opinion be?

Patients can always benefit from getting a second opinion. It helps them ensure they get as much as information as possible to avoid problems that may arise due to incorrect or late diagnosis.

When doctors recommend a treatment for a medical condition, it is their collective and situation-specific knowledge that is used to inform their final recommendation. So, seeking an opinion from multiple doctors enables patients to receive more input about their condition and treatment options from the knowledge and experiences of all the doctors they have consulted. Hence, the second opinion helps know about the potential outcomes and make the right decision regarding treatment options.

    A second opinion can offer,

  • A chance to gather more information and know about available treatment options
  • A major change in the diagnosis or treatment
  • A tailored plan of action that best suits an individual’s case
  • An estimated cost of the required procedure

When should one get a second opinion?

When an individual suffers from a serious illness, a diagnosis can be life-changing and the prescribed treatment plan may be expensive and invasive. Whether the medical condition is potentially life-threatening or far less serious, a second opinion can offer peace of mind to the patient as it reassures them of getting the right treatment. A second opinion can be a good idea if the patient:

  • Needs to make a decision of getting a costly or risky treatment like a surgery
  • Is not clear about how well a treatment may work
  • Need more information about treatment options
  • An estimated cost of the required procedure
  • Is not comfortable with the diagnosis or recommended treatment by the first doctor
  • Feels like he/she is not being heard
  • Is unsure about the diagnosis
  • Is recommended a serious surgery by the primary physician in a non-emergency situation

What are the guidelines one need to follow while planning to get a second opinion?

Many people are worried when they plan to get a second opinion. Due to this, they are unable to have a proper discussion with the doctor. So, to make a second opinion visit more comfortable and beneficial, here are some guidelines that need to be followed:

  • Choose a doctor with a different background in the concerned specialty. Ensure that the doctor you chose for your second opinion is not related to your first doctor in any way, as friends and colleagues will not contradict each other
  • Restrain from telling the second doctor what the first doctor said unless he/she asks you to go through an invasive test again. If not, the previous opinion can influence the recommendation of the second doctor
  • Make a note of questions which help you remember what questions you want to ask. This will help you have a proper and clear discussion with the doctor
  • Talk to the doctor about how treatment choices might change your daily life in the future

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