How to Stop Nose Bleeding in Summer

How to Stop Nose Bleeding

Are recurring Nosebleeds spoiling your summer vacations? Don’t worry, today you can get some tips which help you to prevent nose bleeds and tips from dealing with them. Nosebleeds occur for many reasons and they indicate a serious medical condition. But they are more common during summers. The hot and dry air during summers can rupture the tiny blood vessels in the nose. This results in nosebleeds and makes people panic.

How to prevent Nose Bleeds?

With some preventive measures nose, bleeds can be avoided. Follow these tips to prevent nose bleeds in summer:
  • Avoid going out in the hot weather. If you can’t, cover your head with a cap and cover your nose with a folded kerchief or cotton cloth which helps to avoid hot air coming in.
  • Placing air conditioners and air coolers in the room maintain some humidity in the air and help to prevent the nose from becoming dry.
  • Avoid blowing your nose hard when it is blocked due to cold.
  • Avoid alcohol, smoking, and hot drinks as they expand the blood cells in the lining of your nose.
  • After the bleeding, the blood clots inside the nose. It is better to clean the nose when it is wet or use a wet paper towel.

Remedies for Nose Bleed:

  1. We can’t change the season, but few remedies can help you to deal with nose bleeds. The remedies include:
  2. Ice reduces the inflammation of the blood vessels and the numbing sensation can give relief. So try to hold an ice cube during nose bleeds.
  3. Vitamin C helps to clot the blood faster. Though it might not help during nose bleeds, taking foods that are rich in vitamin C keep blood vessels strong and prevent nose bleeds.
  4. Inhale steam to prevent nose bleeding. The steam helps to moist the nasal cavity and prevents it from becoming dry and hence avoids nose bleeding.
  5. When your nose starts to bleed, elevate your head and try not to bend until the bleeding stops. This posture helps to quickly stop the nose bleeding.
  6. During summers, make whole-wheat bread as a part of your daily diet. The high amounts of Zinc in it protect the blood vessels in the body.
  7. Drink plenty of fluids and water in summers to stay hydrated, to prevent the nose from drying out.
  8. As dry nasal cavity damages the blood vessels and makes them bleed, try to keep your nostril moist by applying moisturizing cream which is recommended by doctors.
  9. Bioflavonoids help to stop nose bleeding. As citrus fruits contain bioflavonoids, consume a citrus fruit once in a day.

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