The 4-year-old boy suffering with brain tumour from past two years was taken to many hospitals in different countries but none offered hope

Doctors at MaxCure Hospitals, Hyderabad, successfully operated upon a 4-year-old-boy with brain tumour, using the Neuro Monitoring System and Neuro-navigation Technique. The Micro Neuro surgery not only removed the 7*7-cm huge malignant tumour, but also helped in regaining the child’s fading senses. Mohammed Ridha , 4 years old boy from Karbala, Iraq, was suffering from severe headaches and nausea from past two years. However, soon, he reported hampered and blurred vision. His parents also noticed weakness of limbs and the child was facing difficulty in walk.

Realizing that something was wrong, 2 years back his parents consulted the doctors who subsequently, recommended that the boy undergo an MRI scan. The test found the presence of a large 7*7Cm malignant tumour in post forsa of brain, comparing and invading brain stem. The tumour was growing and making its way to the spinal cord. Since then, the 4-year old boy was taken to many hospitals in different countries but none gave hope of his survival. They finally landed up to MaxCure Hospitals, Hyderabad.

 The family reached the hospital on Aug’ 10th, 2016, and gauging the child’s serious and worsening condition, the team at MaxCure Hospitals, Hyderabad, immediately took him for a thorough examination. Consultant Neurosurgeon, Dr. Sreekanth Reddy and his team concluded that there was an urgent need to surgically remove the tumour to prevent further harm. The tumour was located close to the spinal cord and was very deep inside.

 “It’s a rare and a sensitive case, as the child was very young. It was a complex surgery as tumours in the brain can be very harmful and affect a patient in many unforeseen ways, often causing permanent damage to the brain. In his case, urgent surgical removal was necessary as the tumour was growing fast and making its way towards the spinal cord which was affecting her sense. We performed a Micro Neuro surgery using Neuro Monitoring System and Neuro-navigation Technique to identify and remove the tumour completely. It took more than 4 hours to perform the surgery successfully and the technique helped us gain better vision for approach to the tumor ,” said Dr. Sreekanth Reddy.

 Surgery of brain is normally considered much more complicated compared to surgery on any other part of the body, as the brain involves an intricate network of highly sensitive nerves and cells that control the entire central nervous system. Slightest damage or inaccuracy in surgery can lead to dangerous consequences, like onset of paralysis or damage of spinal cord. Neuro Monitoring System and Neuro-navigation is a technology that helps surgeons track and navigate the area under surgery with precision, generating better medical results.

 The surgery was conducted without any complications and the child was safely shifted to the ICU after the surgery.

“There were no neurological deficits , nor any residual tumour after its excision post surgery. The final report after the surgery confirmed that he was safe and healthy to be discharged & patient is ready to walk to his home with relief in all the cases. Patient’s family is thankful to MaxCure Hospitals” Dept. of Neuro Sciences.