MaxCure Hospitals Tie up with NGO Hrudaya Spandana to create awareness on Rheumatic Heart Diseases

Hyderabad, 19th December, 2016: Is your little one suffering from Sore throat? Beware!! A simple sore throat is pain or discomfort in the throat often seen in children as part of cold. But, it can lead to tonsillitis and can further cause Rheumatic fever, if the infection is caused by the bacteria Streptococcus pyogenes. MaxCure Hospitals has tied up with an NGO – Hrudaya Spandana to create awareness among the masses on this condition. Hrudaya Spandana Foundation is a dedicated heart health charity organization focused on delivering quality and fast-track heart treatment to patients from the lower sections and increases their chances of survival.

Rheumatic Fever is a condition which affects children between age of 5-15 years. Young women who have this condition will have problems during pregnancy and afterwards.

Dr. Krishna Prasad, Chief Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgeon and Director, MaxCure Hospitals, said, “Rheumatic fever is manifested as fleeting joint pains in children. Generally, it is said that rheumatic fever “licks the joints & bites the heart” which means that, after 5 – 10 years following Rheumatic fever, heart valves get affected leading to damaged heart, if not treated can lead to heart failure. Even with treatment many children will need valve replacement operation and after they will have to take blood thinning medication for the rest of their lives.”

“We have the case of Divya, a 15 yr old girl who presented with failing heart and required replacement of 2 valves. She had sore throat as a child with joint pains. Due to ignorance, it was neglected and treated half-heartedly and now she needed a complex heart operation and has to take blood thinning medication all her life. Her marriage will be a problem as having children will be even more complex with risk to her life,” added Dr. Krishna Prasad.

Every month about 300 – 400 such heart operations are happening only in Telugu states. This is the tip of the ice-berg. Though it is a common issue, it is known widely only among affected families. It is a major problem in our society particularly in lower and upper middle class children. All the complications can be prevented by simple course of antibiotics, started early after onset of sore throat.

“We can save the life of the little ones through this campaign. It has always been our mission at Hrudaya Spandana Foundation to help and enlighten the weaker sections of society about the heart problems. We are happy to be associated with MaxCure Group of Hospitals. As Dr. Krishna Prasad said, this is a common heart condition and can be prevented easily through awareness. We hope that this campaign against Rheumatic heart diseases helps us create more understanding among the public,” says Mr. Madhusudhan Reddy, Founder and Chairperson, Hrudaya Spandana Foundation.




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