Hyderabad, 04th February, 2016: 30 yrs. old Kiran was brought in to MaxCure Hospitals, Madhapur in a critical condition on 6th December 2015 Sunday @ 11:30 A.M. He came in with a Brain Injury with severe multiple cranial /facial bone Fractures & Bleed.

It was a bad Road accident on his way to Godavarikhani to attend a function, which happened at around 5:30 A.M, as the Car rammed into a lorry. Nobody attended him for about 20min on the road. Then the Villagers nearby called for 108 ambulance and sifted him to MaxCure Karimnagar which was about 30 km away from the accident spot. Basic first aid was done there, stabilized the patient’s Condition and shifted to the Parent Hospital at Madhapur.

The patient had a Brain Injury with severe multiple cranial and facial bone fractures and Bleed. He was treated for about 10 days to recover and stabilize. He was put up in ICCU under the Able guidance of Dr. Naresh Vadlakonda , Critical care Unit.

The patient fairly recovered, but there was a Facial Disfigurement, Eye vision was affected and there was difficulty in eating and Speech. A major surgery was planned 3 weeks Post Recovery.

This Surgery Involved Neuro Surgeon Dr. Srikanth Reddy for the repair of the skull bone, Maxilo Facial Surgeon Dr. Hormuzd K Vakil for the Nasal Bone and the eye bone (orbit) Repair. , ENT Surgeon Dr. Ravi Charan Palwai for the Endoscopic repair of the nose & Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kiran Banda for the repair of the face. And Finally Dr .Akhilesh, Chief Anesthetist.

This Surgery lasted for about 9 hours. It involved opening of the Skull to repair the fractured bones. About 15 PLATES, 38 SCREWS, 5 IMPORTED “TEFPA”IMPLANTS these implants are such they dissolves completely with the bones as the wounds heal.

This critical surgery was performed by all our sr. Consultants Dr. Srikanth Reddy, Dr. Vakil, Dr. Ravi Charan Palwai,& Dr. Kiran Banda using the advanced Neuro Microscope and Monitoring System to repair the Brain and Skull. The surgery was successful and the Patient has improved vastly in sensorium and he was restored to Normalcy in about 10 days

Over the years, MaxCure Hospitals has developed unparalleled expertise for treating specialized conditions, no matter the age. The above case is a prime example of MaxCure’s relentless pursuit for excellence right from the preliminary diagnostic stage to the final surgery and post-OP care.

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