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A host of good and bad factors are influencing our lives today. If we have developed capabilities to access greater quality of life, we have been increasingly exposing ourselves to pollution and new disease strains. New means of travel and communication like greater access to airways and smart devices has drastically reduced our turn-around times, with considerable savings on time and money. However, these changes that have come for the better have brought health issues putting human life to greater risk with a host of lifestyle diseases to tackle.

Significantly, a major cause of concern has been complete indifference to health with increasing adoption of regressive lifestyle that includes having fast foods rich in high sugars and fats, sedentary life with no active life and misuse of medications more as palliative cures rather than those taken under supervision of an expert. If pursuit of pleasure is youth’s meaning of life, the middle aged thinking revolves around moving up the hierarchy and earning for families. All this has been accumulating to a health calamity mostly evident as a stroke, organ failure or crippling sickness.

Taking into consideration the typical health scenario of people across all sections of the society, health care institutions have initiated the conduct of health awareness camps and health checkups. The basic objective met by different health awareness and checkups is to preserve human health, and identify the disease before it reaches incurable levels.

MaxCure Hospitals’ health checkups aim to realize complete health for individuals, families and communities. We have 11 different health checkup packages (Basic Health Checkup Package | Well Women Package | Comprehensive Heart Checkup | Master Health Checkup Package | Complete Heart Checkup | Full Body Checkup | Diabetic Screening Package | Kidney Screening Package | Dental Screening Package | Migraine Screening Package | Gastro Screening Package) that help to identify the health problem before it starts.

Our Master Health Checkup is the comprehensive of all health checkups, that can be availed by all adults who are 30 and above. Availing our Master Health Checkup will help you to know your general health condition as well as take corrective measures in case of any health problem. Majorly, the focus of Master Health Checkup is to check and verify the possibility or existence of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer, which are common conditions categorized also as lifestyle diseases.

MaxCure Hospitals’ Master Health Checkup provides a complete picture of your blood, urine and stool. Blood tests help to evaluate the condition of your kidneys, liver, thyroid and heart. A sample of your blood speaks a lot about your health condition and impending health problems. Master Health Checkup’s Complete Blood Picture (CBP), Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN), and Blood Grouping & Rh Typing helps to know the condition of blood, and verifies the working of your kidneys, liver and heart.

ESR helps to detect inflammation associated with conditions such as infections, cancers, and autoimmune diseases. The complete stool and urine examination helps to verify the fluid balance, sugar levels and confirms the presence of infectious diseases and pathogens. Stool test helps in early detection of intestinal bleedings as a result of treatment-induced severe immuno-suppression and anemia.

Master Health Checkup’s ECG test helps to detect abnormal heart rhythms and investigates the cause of palpitations or chest pain. Any possible aberrations in the heart beat are recorded on paper or computer and sent for expert correction. If the Chest x-ray is used to evaluate the lungs, heart and chest wall, the USG of Abdominal / Pelvic is used to examine many internal organs of the body, such as the abdomen, breasts, the male and female reproductive system, the fetus of a pregnant woman, heart and blood vessels etc.

The PSA test for men helps doctors determine the nature of the problem. Elevation in PSA level may signal inflammation of prostate, called prostatitis and enlargement of prostate, conditions that may lead to development of prostate cancer. Our Master Health Checkup also provides for a comprehensive health scrutiny of women. Focused tests for women include, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, USG Abdomen with pelvis, and Pap Smear which help to verify hormonal balance and traces of cancer in the body.

MaxCure Hospitals’ Master Health Checkup provides for comprehensive and quality consultations by experienced physicians, cardiologists and dietitians. Once all the tests covered by this package are completed, the results are referred to specialist doctors / senior consultants for advice and correction. Based on the health conditions, malignancies and signs of diseases in patients, our specialist doctors suggest on the best course of action.

Now, individuals, corporate employees, government officials and professionals can avail special offers on our Master Health Checkup package.

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