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Welcome to MaxCure Hospital’s Bariatric Surgery Program.

Are you trying to lose weight? If nutrition, exercise and medical advice haven’t worked, you, along with your physician, may be considering weight loss surgery.

With our customized approach and latest technology, we focus on the entire  “you” – getting you healthy, getting you living a longer and more active lifestyle and … helping you ensure long-term success.

The Weight Loss Surgery Program at MaxCure Hospitals can help you every step of the way on your journey to better health.

Our program includes:

– A comprehensive approach to healthy living, focusing on nutritional support and a more active lifestyle to ensure long-term weight loss and success.

– Surgical options including gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and revisional weight loss surgery

– A safe hospital setting with modern, comfortable surroundings

– Consultation with a board-certified, fellowship trained, center of excellence bariatric surgeon

– Qualified and specially trained medical personnel

– Established record of patient safety and proven surgical outcomes

– Nutritional and psychological counselings before and after your surgery

– Follow-up and support groups

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After gastric bypass the intestine becomes the most important tissue for glucose use and this decreases blood sugar levels. Doctors are hopeful they can find a way to mimic the processes that lead to improvements for type 2 diabetics after gastric bypass without actually doing the surgery.
Here’s how it works: After gastric bypass, which is a common weight loss solution for the severely obese, the small intestine spontaneously begins to produce a molecule called GLUT-1 that helps the body use glucose.
The quite amazing thing is that this is not present normally in the small intestine of adults, but only in the fetus. This happens most likely because the intestine has to work harder to do its job, for example to absorb the nutrients or move the food further down. Also, it may be that the mechanical stress of ‘dumping’ the food directly to the intestine, since the stomach is bypassed, contributes to these changes.
Source: Healthline

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